About us

Groton Conservation Trust is a private, non-profit land trust in Groton, Massachusetts. GCT signFounded in 1964, our organization acquires, preserves and provides public access to lands with significant conservation value. During the past 50 years the Trust has become the steward of over 40 properties totaling over 1,400 acres, yet it remains an all-volunteer, single-town entity. Over that time, the Trust has grown from accepting fee simple donations of land such as Fitch-Woods to protecting land through its own limited development projects such as Still Meadow to accepting conservations easements as we did recently for The Conservation Commission on the Walker Property.

Groton is fortunate to have such a concentration of skilled conservationists in its history, and the Trust’s success to date simply would not have been possible without their efforts. Today, the Trust is governed by volunteers who possess varied backgrounds, occupations and interests: scientists, engineers, lawyers, communicators, educators, environmentalists, surveyors and outdoor enthusiasts.

Current Trustees

  • Dan Wolfe, President
  • Mark Gerath, Vice President
  • Ted Lapres, Treasurer
  • Gina Perini-Benedict, Clerk
  • David Black
  • Wendy Good
  • Susan Hughes
  • June Johnson
  • Edward McNierney
  • Rick Muehlke
  • Robert Pine
  • Michelle Ruby
  • Chuck Vander Linden
  • Scott Wilson

Honorary Trustees

  • Arthur Blackman
  • Carl Canner
  • Marion Stoddart

Our Founders

We pay tribute to the vision and foresight of our founders whose names appear on our original Agreement and Declaration of Trust dated 12 November 1964

  • Robert L. Gosselin
  • Joseph S. Hayes
  • Richard M. Hinchman
  • Francis P. Nash
  • Melvyn F. Rowan

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