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Purple Loosestrife Control Efforts

Trustee David Black and his students at Groton School have been monitoring the populations of purple loosestrife along the rail trail since the release of the Galerucella beetle in 2006 (which we reared as part of a Commonwealth funded project). This year, alas, the permanent plots established were mowed, which may cause problems in the future, but while we do not know the exact locations of the plots, we reestablished more in the general area so that we will continue to be able to monitor this. We have also recorded dispersal by the beetles of more than 400 m since the release, and I suspect that they have gone still further. Encouraging developments.

The GCT Opposes the Proposed Route of the NE Pipeline Expansion

GCT's Wattles Pond Conservation Area, in the path of the proposed pipeline.

GCT’s Wattles Pond Conservation Area, in the path of the proposed pipeline.

The Trust opposes the siting of the Tennessee Gas pipeline expansion that is currently being proposed by Kinder  Morgan and unanimously agreed to send a formal letter to Secretary Bartlett in the Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, with copies to other key offices.

As you can read in the letter we do not support using conservation land for the pipeline as it would have great impact on the protected habitat of endangered species that we have worked so hard to establish. Further, disturbing the existing habitat invites invasive species into this critical biodiversity,  something we are working hard to eradicate on all our properties.

We will work with state groups such as the Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program to help ensure Kinder Morgan understands the full environmental impact of this route.

We have also stayed abreast of communication and information provided by other conservation organizations such as Mass Audubon, Mount Grace, Beaver Brook to name a few. Below are some links to the many conversations and letters about the pipeline project.

There is a lot of effort underway in the MA conservation circles reaching out to the governor and other state officials, encouraging them to get actively involved in reviewing the pipeline issue and addressing the legitimate concerns of conservation groups and concerned citizens. We will continue to monitor the situation, gather more information and stay in contact with other conservation groups. We welcome the Selectman’s initiative to organize informational meetings on this subject and we encourage you to attend the meetings and contact them with your concerns.

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