Duck Pond

The Groton Land Foundation acquired the original 19 acres in order to carry out a limited development project in 1994. Three building lot set back from the pond were sold to pay the cost and the remaining 14 acres have been placed in permanent conservation with the Groton Conservation Trust. The property, including more than 2,000 feet of pond frontage is accessed by a cart path at the intersection of Groton Road and Lost Lake Drive. The path splits with the left branch leading to the Skinner Forestand the right branch leading through this conservation property toDuck Pond. The broad open area along the edge of the pond has been named Buckingham Point in recognition of the Buckingham family who worked with the Trust to ensure the protection of this property. This is an excellent area for picnicking, for launching a canoe or for sk ating in the winter. From Buckingham Point one can walk around the northern edge or Duck Pond past a vernal pool and down along an esker which extends as a peninsula into Duck Pond. Beaver may be seen here. A walk along this peninsula provides a wonderful experience or the pond with open water on both sides.