Lotz Land


From the end of Indian Hill Road travel south down the trail known as Half Moon Road down to and including Half Moon Pond.   There is a sign for the parcel on the right of the trail.


Property open dawn until dusk


In February of 2014, Bob and Sue Lotz donated 13 acres around Half Moon Swamp to the Groton Conservation Trust. The Lotzes bought the land more than 25 years ago with the hope that a significant area along and near Half Moon Road could be preserved as part of Groton’s public land heritage. The Groton Conservation Commission property, Half Moon Swamp Conservation Area lies to the southwest of the gift, and the Groton Conservation Commission Reynolds Tract abuts to the northwest and north, and reaches to Indian Hill Road. “We feel grateful to live in Groton, where so many have contributed their talent, time and other resources for the common good,” said Bob and Sue. “Because of its history of thoughtful conservation management, the Trust provided the logical and satisfying choice for us to ensure this land is preserved for the long-term benefit of our community.”


Approximately one-half of the parcel is upland with steep grades and bedrock outcrops with oak and pine forest. There are clear signs of historic occupation of the land.  The other half of the parcel makes up a significant portion of Half Moon Swamp including the largest portion of open water. The swamp has been documented to exist since the 17th century.

The parcel is among several other conserved properties including one owned by GCT (Reynolds Tract) and another on which GCT holds a Conservation Restriction.  The Groton Conservation Commission owns a large parcel to the south and west.

The parcel is of considerable ecological value as indicated by the Massachusetts Natural Heritage Programs BioMap2 program.


All GCT properties are open to the public for passive recreation, including hiking, cross-country skiing, jogging, horseback riding, skiing, picnicking, non-motorized boating, bird watching, and nature study. Litter must be carried out. Camping is permitted only with prior permission. Fires, swimming, motorized vehicles, and use or possession of alcoholic beverages are prohibited. Visitors to any of Groton’s conservation properties should be aware that some areas are open to hunting.

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