Location – GCT 8

The property is located off Lost Lake Drive, 0.7 miles from its intersection with Route 40 and approximately 2.5 miles from the Groton Center. There is parking available in the Lost Lake Fire Station. From there a car road runs north to the boundary of the property and a path runs to the east across Mountain Lakes property to the area with the more dramatic glacial features.  This story by David C. Gordon gives a complete history of this and Skinner Forest and the Taplin Wildlife Sanctuary.


Trails Daily dawn to dusk


Joseph and Jeanne Skinner donated these 72 acres in 1983 and 1989 providing an opportunity to wak in a landscape that contains many features of a classic glacial outwash.


Dramatic examples of kettle holes, esker ridges and flat kame terrace can be seen on a short walk. Matching the steep grades on the sides of some of these features, a few of the walking paths are steep; others are relatively flat. Crosscountry skiers and joggers find the trails to be a challenging course.


The property serves as a sanctuary for plants and animals and contains a variety of important habitats. Maintenance of these habitats and refuges is a critical goal.

A full range of non-motorized activities are allowed including:
Horse-back riding;
Mountain biking;
Trail running;
Nordic skiing;
Nature study; and

Trail Maps