Reading the Groton Landscape

Tom Wessels in Groton in 2015.

A Walking Tour with Tom Wessels
November 24, 1 – 3 PM
Meet at Rockwood Lane Entrance, Throne Hill
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We are very pleased to bring Tom Wessels back to lead us on another walking history lesson in Groton. This time, the subject is Throne Hill, located in West Groton at the top of Rockwood Lane, off Townsend Road. This magnificent 121-acre conservation parcel provides us with a variety forested landscapes to investigate.
Based on Tom’s book “Reading the Forested Landscape, A Natural History of New England”, this walk will explore techniques used to interpret a forest’s history while wandering through it. Using evidence such as the shapes of trees, scars on their trunks, the pattern of decay in stumps, the construction of stone walls and the lay of the land, it is possible to unravel complex stories etched into our landscape.
Tom is an ecologist and founding director of the Master’s Degree Program in conservation Biology at Antioch University New England where he is Faculty Emeritus. Tom has conducted workshops on landscape ecology and sustainability throughout the US for over 30 years and knows our town well!
Once again GCT is participating in REI’s #optoutside program on black Friday. Come out instead of going into malls and walk in the woods with us. We hope to see you there. Join us by emailing:
This hike is made possible with a grant from the Groton Commissioners of Trusts.