iNaturalist Challenge: August 25 – September 1

An outdoor challenge for GCT members: The Predator Challenge! 

Our first challenge is to collect as many pictures of predators in Groton as we can. Mammal, fish, bird, amphibian, reptile, or insect, post your observations to the project! Please use caution! This is a fun activity so do not put yourself in harm’s way. The winner will be determined using a very scientific scoring system:

  • 3 points for the most observations of different individual predators (2 for second; 1 for third)
  • 3 points for the most species observed (scoring as above)
  • 3 points for the best quality picture (as determined by polling of all Trustees and Associates)
Taking pictures of your friends at the cookout counts only if they are clearly seen eating the wild animal (hotdogs do not count).

Click here for helpful online tutorials to get you started.

Dates: All observations collected between August 25th through September 1st.
Location: Anywhere in the Town of Groton
Other rules: pictures of the same animal in the same place at the same time will count as one observation.

Make sure that you select the “The Nature of Groton” project for the observation, and that you indicate that you want the photo entered in the challenge by answering the question “Predator Challenge” with “yes”.

Please check that this question is indeed appearing on your observation fields; it is not required and you should be able to leave it blank.

Let us know if you need help getting started with iNaturalist.