Virtual Groton Traverse

VGT marked the end of the hike.

The second GCT Traverse was, like most things 2020, a virtual event. It was held over the weekend of Sept. 26-27. As a COVID accommodation, this year’s hike was self-guided along a defined and well-marked route.      

Mark Gerath, Dave Wilder and Susan Hughes laid down the directions

Hikers formed small, appropriate groups, masked up and walked at their own convenience. At just over 11 miles, the hike meandered across Groton. We left town center at Legion Field, over to Williams Barn, crossed 119, through McLains’ Woods, crossed Nashua Road through Northwoods Conservation Area.

The pond at Northwoods.

From there we crossed Longley, to the Longley II trails off Drumlin, over the rail trail, through the majestic Harry J. Rich Forest, along the river on the Tinker Trail, across 119 and Fitch Bridge, across Shirley Road to the old turnpike trail to the top of Throne. Once on Throne Hill, it was a gentle mile to the ending point at Rockwood Lane. A Zoom event Monday evening allowed hikers to share their experiences and photos, many shared here. These are strange times but we can still enjoy and share the great features of our town.

Thank you to Linda Jordan, Carole Greenfield, Becky Pine, Bob Lotz, Kristen von Campe, Jack McCrossan, Holly Estes, Mark Gerath, Dave Wilder, Susan Hughes, Garrett Wampole, and Marianne Zawacki for these photos.