Letting The Land Lead

The GCT kicked off fall with a flurry of outdoor events. We held hikes, the annual Groton Traverse, and had two new Eagle Scout sign projects installed. Our events page lists upcoming events throughout the rest of the year and into 2023. All events are free to GCT members.

We also had our first interpretive dance event at The General Field. Conceived and led by Christopher Croucher, “The Quietus of Autumn” is an immersive meditative dance performance and workshop experience that encourages audience members to contemplate their relationship with themselves and with the land. Based on a movement practice that combines modern dance, ballet and improvisational choreography, this work takes movement out of the studio, off the stage and into the landscape, allowing for the land to change the structure of the piece and creating a unique and ever-changing display. Here are few images from the event.