Hunting Information


Signs state whether hunting is allowed or not at the properties, but in some cases older signs have not been updated. You can always review the current official list of properties where hunting is permitted. 

Hunting is permitted on many GCT properties. The Trust recognizes both the traditional and historical role of hunting in Groton and its value as an ecological  management tool. Much of the land in Groton has been conserved with financial assistance from the state’s Division of Fisheries and Wildlife, which holds deed restrictions ensuring those properties will remain open to hunting.

Hunting seasons popular in Groton occur only a few weeks each year; recreational use of our properties by both hunters and non-hunters during those weeks is encouraged. A few guidelines can make it easier for both groups to be comfortable enjoying our properties.

  • ALL hunting is prohibited in Massachusetts on Sundays. There was some confusion caused earlier this year by press coverage of some proposed legislation, but that legislation was not passed.
  • Popular hunting seasons in Massachusetts begin in late October and run until the end of the year. You shouldn’t be surprised if you encounter a hunter with a bow or shotgun during this period.
  • Hunting, discharge of firearms or the release of any arrow is prohibited within 150 feet of any road or within 500 feet of any house. For some Trust properties, this effectively prohibits hunting regardless of any other regulation.
  • All hunters must wear blaze orange during the shotgun and muzzleloader seasons for deer, which run from the Monday after Thanksgiving to the end of the year. Non-hunters are strongly encouraged to do the same during any fall hunting season.
  • It’s always a good idea to keep dogs under control on our properties. You may wish to have them wear an orange collar whenever you’re wearing orange.
  • Individual permission is not required to hunt on Groton Conservation Trust property, but if you are hunting please tell us so we can better understand how our properties are used. You can send email to to let us know.
  • Tree stands are permitted on our properties, but they must be portable (not screw-in) and must be removed at the end of the season. You must ask permission at first, and you must label your stand with contact information. Any stands installed without permission or left after the end of the calendar year may be removed and discarded.

For more information and a complete list of all properties on which hunting is permitted or prohibited, please read GCT Hunting Information 2022 or contact us at