GCT iNaturalist

Groton Conservation Trust utilizes iNaturalist, a web and app based nature identification program, to track sightings of organisms in the Town of Groton. If you’re enjoying one of our properties or any other natural spot in Groton, we encourage you to join us in posting your photos to iNaturalist to identify your nature finding, connect with other naturalists, and help track biodiversity in our local community.

For more information to supplement the basic steps below, iNaturalist provides great instructions and video tutorials for using the program – it’s very easy! We recommend poking around on the website a bit to see how other naturalists use it. We look forward to seeing your Groton nature observations!

  1. Go to the iNaturalist website and create an account.
  2. Download the iNaturalist app on your mobile device.
  3. Go exploring. Find a plant or animal.
  4. Select the “Observe” icon in the iNaturalist app.
  5. Take a photo and select “Next”.
  6. Select “What did you see?” for identification suggestions.
  7. Select the identification that seems correct. You might need to confirm the identification with a field guide. Others in the iNaturalist community will confirm or challenge your identification.
  8. If you found your organism in Groton, add it to “The Nature of Groton” project. First, select the “More” icon in the app and add “The Nature of Groton” project. Select an observation to add to “The Nature of Groton” project, select Edit, and open “Projects”. Select “The Nature of Groton”