Get involved

If you love hiking, biking or just roaming the landscape in Groton, there are many ways you can help preserve and maintain these beautiful properties. Here’s a few ways you can be involved.

Join the GCT now during our Friend-raiser.  A $50 membership helps us protect the land you love to be on.   Please help us in our efforts to protect open space and manage conservation lands to protect biodiversity and promote an appreciation for the rich resources that we enjoy.

Become a Property Steward

We need people to walk our lands and let us know what we need to do to maintain them.  Trees block trails, trash appears and things just happen out there in the woods.  We need help keeping track and addressing issues.  We also offer training in biological assessment: help us to map the species that use our properties and better develop plans to manage them.


Records need filing, web sites need updating, articles need to be written and so much more.  Put your skills to work to help us become a better organization. Sign up for our volunteer list here.