2016 Groton Conservation Trust Members

This list includes everyone that has made a gift in the Groton Conservation Trust membership year for 2016 as of August 30, 2016. Our membership period runs from October 1 to September 31. Any gifts donated in that period count toward your membership. If you would like to renew or donate your membership details and our online form are always available. If you have a specific question please contact us anytime. Members with the (*) designation indicate an honorary lifetime membership.

Ralph Acaba
Patti Aha
Thekla and Wagner Alcocer
Chris Allen
Robert and Judy Anderson
Jean Armstrong
Richard Atkins
Audrey Ball
John Ball
Kevin and Cindy Barrett
James and Margaret Bellew
Stephen Belsky
Kurt Benedict
James Bennett
C. Leonard and Patricia Bennett
George Bishop
Suzanna Black
Camilla Blackman *
Anne Bohan
Jean-Pierre Boissy
Ed Bretschneider and Joanne Cotter
Richard Brockelman
Lee Burton
Kathleen Callahan
Carl and Carol Canner *
Pete and Diane Carson
Dann Chamberlin and Becky Chamberlin
Anthony Corsetti
Megan Crawford
Richard Crawford
Heidi DeGrazia
James Desrosiers
Alan Donald
Dick and Annette Dorff
Erik Duerr
Stanley Edwards
Kim and Dave Eiselen
John Ellenberger
Colby Elliott
John Feeney
Carolyn and Phil Francisco
Paul and Donnie Funch *
Sean Gaines
John Gedaminski
Mark Gerath and Sheila Julien
John and Judy Giger
Wendy and Carl Good
Tricia Goodowens
Michael Gordon
Robert Gosselin *
Thomas Gulick
William and Karen Harte
Paul and Geraldine Harter
Kenneth Hartlage
Joe and Sue Hauk
Andrew Hawes
Cathy Henderson
Stephen Henderson
Richard and Diane Hewitt
Linda Hoffman and Blase Provitola
Susan Hughes and Gregg Baker
Mary Jennings
Joan Johnson
Linda Jordan
Ben and Lisa Krywucki
Steve Lane and Marie Lane
Ted Lapres and Connie Keeran
Judy Larter
Olin Lathrop
John and Grace Llodra
Bob and Sue Lotz
Jeff Lunt
Atty. Ray Lyons and Gail Lyons
Jessica Madoc-Jones and Justin Fry
John and Kanti Mann
Jean Mason
Paul & Mimi Matisse
John and Pepe Maynard
Mary McIntire
Rita McKinley
Gregory and Lynne Mendes
Mary Metzger
Paul Meunier
Robert & Diane Meunier
David Minott
Robinson and Laura Moore
Richard Muehlke and Martha McLure
David Gordon & Barbara Murray
Paul Nuccio
John O’Brien
Steven Onishi and Dawn Alling
Robert Ordemann
Paul Osenar
Ann Pallies-Card
Linda Papadopoulos
Douglas Pease
Roberto Pellizzari
Gina Perini and Peter Benedict
Lori and Carl Phillips
Bob and Becky Pine
Vincent Pinque
David Pitkin and Kristin Barr
Richard Pitkin
Dennis Poulsen
Sarah Richardson
David and Karen Riggert
Andrew Robes and Heidi Reichert-Robes
Tom and Katherine Rosa
Chris Ross
Edward and Dianne Ryan
Edythe Salzman
Chuck Schneider
Barbara Seeber-Wagner
Katherine and Jason Shamberger
Robert Shaw
Kim and Janet Sheffield
Owen and Stuart Shuman
Mike Siciliano
Daniel and Diana Sierra
Joe and Celia Silinonte
Tony Silva
David Snodgrass
Eric Spada
David and Bobbie Spiegelman
Christine Stelzer
Marion and Hugh Stoddart *
Al Stone *
Ed and Liz Strachan
William and Karen Strickland
Brian Sullivan
Jennifer Sweeney
Marcia Synnott
John and Glenda Tabaczynski
Alan Taylor and Jennifer Mieth
Nancy Todd
Nancy Ueda
Charles Vander Linden and Pat Hartvigsen
Ginger Vollmar
Alfred and Kristen von Campe
Dick and Judy Wells
Dave and Nancy Wilder
Scott Wilson and Amy Kilham
Dan and Pam Wolfe
Alexander and Lynda Woodle
Henry Woodle
John Wortman
David and Julie Zeiler
Bright Funds Foundation
Deluxe Corporation
Silicon Valley Community Foundation/Dell Employee Engagement Fund